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Using a Mortgage Refinance Company Online

Online mortgage companies make refinancing convenient and competitive. By researching mortgage rates and lenders online, you can be assured that you have the best refinancing rates.

Before You Refinance

Before you refinance your current mortgage, do a little financial housekeeping. Check your credit report and make sure all your financial records are in order. This is also a good time to close a couple of unused credit card accounts.

Also, be sure that refinancing your mortgage will actually save you money. The rule of thumb is to make sure that the new refinanced mortgage will pay for itself within three years.

To figure the savings, take the amount you save in reduced payments over three years and subtract the cost of the new loan. This is just a rough estimate since the length of your loans will also make a difference.

Comparing Rates

Online mortgage companies allow you to quickly compare rates by asking you for some basic information. Based on the loan amount, your general credit ranking, and the estimated down payment, you will receive a generic quote. This will give you a rough idea of who is the most competitive lender.

Accurate Quotes

Accurate quotes will only come when you provide the mortgage lender with detailed information. Mortgage rates depend on such factors as your current employment history, homes location, and your precise credit score.

You will also want to add in any points or fees that are part of the loans cost. At this point in your refinancing process, you should still be comparing financing packages from at least three different lenders.

Applying Online

The hardest part of refinancing a mortgage is finding the right mortgage lender. Once you have found the best rates and fees, you can complete the application process from the convenience of your home.

Online mortgage applications require you to fill out your typical personal and financial information. Once you submit your information, you will receive the final paperwork in the mail within a couple of weeks. You will need to review the terms, sign on the appropriate lines, and have it notarized. The paperwork is then sent back to the mortgage lending company for final approval. The whole process can take less than six weeks.

To view our list of recommended sources for mortgage refinance loans online, visit this page: Recommended Mortgage Refinance Companies Online.

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