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Bad Credit Loan and Bad Credit Loans

A bad credit loan will usually carry with it an extremely high interest rate and may require some types of collateral to be pledged as security for the loan. Bad credit loans may also require a co-signer to limit the risk involved with lending money to an individual who has shown poor credit management in the past. There are differences in credit that allow one person to qualify for a bad credit loan, while another is denied. The main difference is whether or not the bad credit is in the past, or current. Those people that have a bad credit history can usually find methods to reestablish their credit utilizing a bad credit loan as a first step.

Those that are in the midst of credit card default, or currently in bankruptcy proceedings may be denied all bad credit loans. Lenders are willing to give all individuals a chance when it comes to reestablishing their credit, however there must be some evidence of responsible credit use to document the change now and in the future of credit behavior. Lenders will still want to check a borrower's credit FICO score. Some lenders will not lend a bad credit loan to borrowers that have a score of 575 or below. Some lenders do not even check credit scores if the borrower has pledged enough collateral to secure the bad credit loan.

Home equity loans are granted, not on credit score, but on the equity in the home pledged as collateral. Bad credit loans can also come in the form of a home equity loan. A bad credit loan borrower can pledge not only their home, but their automobile, their boat, their stocks and bonds, or their life insurance policies (if applicable) as collateral. Most bad credit loans will require some type of collateral, and all require job stability, consistence, and an income to loan ratio to be sure the borrower can afford to repay the loan.

If a borrower had bad credit due to high balances on credit cards, they may be able to get a loan or a gift from family and friends to pay down the credit cards below 20% of their limit in order to qualify for a bad credit loan, which will in turn pay back the friend or relative. Installment loans such as a bad credit loan, a mortgage, auto, or equity loan actually improve one's credit because they show fixed payment amounts paid regularly. Too many revolving accounts, such as credit cards, with varying balances tend to lower a borrowers credit score for receiving bad credit loans. Getting debt down should be the goal. Having no debt is ideal. In the Bible in Romans 13:8 it says "Owe no man anything". If God doesn't want his children to be choked with debt, why should His children want it for themselves?

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